The developments concerning the HZ locations at the Boulevard Bankert and the Edisonweg in Vlissingen are in full swing. What exactly is happening right now and what will the locations look like? 

Boulevard Bankert 154

  • The HZ building at Boulevard Bankert 154 will be demolished. On this location a new building will arise.
  • The new building will certainly house the bachelor programmes of De Ruyter Academy: Logistics Engineering and Maritime Officer.
  • The new location will have six floors: a cellar, ground floor and four subsequent floors.
  • The cellar will house the simulator centre that is now stationed at Edisonweg 4. These facilities will be moved to the Boulevard Bankert.
  • The new building is expected to be ready in mid-2019. As from the academic year 2019/2020 the Logistics Engineering students and the Maritime Officers will follow their lessons overlooking the Western Scheldt. 

Edisonweg 4

  • When the technical programmes have moved, more space will become available in the premises at the Edisonweg. This extra space is needed to do full justice to our educational concept. Here the necessary learning environments and the project and practical spaces will take shape. Next to that, spaces will be created for research and incubators.
  • A pilot space for the bachelor programme Human Resource Management has already been created in the A2 wing.
  • The L2 wing has been modernised and will temporarily house the simulators of the bachelor programme Maritime Officer. This way, the modern educational learning environment will take shape.
  • After De Ruyter Academy has moved to the Boulevard Bankert, the TH building at the front side of the Edison building will be removed.

As from February 2017 new simulators for the bachelor programme Maritime Officer have been installed. At the same time teachers will be trained and new exercise scenarios developed. With the help of the simulators real-life casuistry that is aimed at, for example, nautical competencies can be optimised. The simulators enable students to practice ‘standard skills’ under various circumstances and simulate situations, for example, a calamity training. Placing students in varying roles within a simulation environment enhances their insight in teamwork and situational awareness. 

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