What should you take into account as an employee during this time? Read more in these frequently asked questions and answers, divided into categories:

For other questions you can contact your manager, P&O+O or look at the frequently asked questions

Working in coronation time

May I work on location at HZ?

Due to the lockdown to February 9, only employees who, for necessary reasons, have to be at the HZ locations will be granted access to the buildings. You can request this through your manager.

Online teaching and working from home remains the standard. We work and study online where we can, on campus where we have to. 

May I do research at HZ?

Due to the lockdown to February 9, research may only be carried out at HZ locations if this is not possible at home.

The practice-oriented research by students and staff may continue at HZ’s physical location, provided it is in keeping with the general instructions of the RIVM and the GGD. If access to the laboratories is desired, you can contact the study programme coordinator or the coordinator of the research group.

Are there extra online facilities at HZ for teaching or meeting?

Recently, a number of meeting rooms at HZ location Edisonweg and project rooms in Het Groene Woud have been provided with extra AV resources (tripod with webcam). With this we have created extra options to be able to teach an online class or hold an online meeting in a quiet environment. 

Of course, it is still possible to schedule a physical meeting in these areas, taking into account the number of people allowed. These meeting rooms can be reserved via the self service portal -> new reservation -> reservation meeting rooms. 

From now on you do not longer have to contact the scheduling office to make a reservation for these rooms. If your meeting is cancelled, you must cancel the reservation at the self service portal -> my reservations -> find the reservation you want to cancel -> click at the reservation and cancel at the bottom at the right of the reservation. 

The AV equipment must remain in the rooms and must not be taken with you. 

If you have any questions regarding the use of the AV equipment, please contact the AV service, via avdienst@hz.nl or telephone number 9308. 

For other questions, please contact Martine van Ommen, facilities team leader via m.van.ommen@hz.nl or telephone number 9789. 

I live and work in another country, which regulations apply to me?

To all HZ employees applies the rule of working from home as the starting point, unless there is really no other option. This also applies, particularly in some situations, if you are an employee living abroad. This is why we would like to draw your attention to the following procedure for employees living in another country.

We ask employees who live abroad and who live/work in an area with code orange or code red to only work from home, as long as this code applies.

Conversely, restrictions may also apply due to the home country after a trip from the Netherlands. For example, the Belgian government is currently (1 September) advising travellers from, among others, the province of Zeeland to undergo preventive testing upon arrival in Belgium and to go into self-quarantine for 14 days. This is another reason to work from home.

If you live or work abroad and this takes longer than a week, please contact your manager and the P&OO department (poo&hz.nl). At the manager's request, the P&OO department will investigate any tax and social security consequences.

​I want to go with my students to an orange travel area for educational activities, is that allowed?

Short visits taking the RIVM guidelines into account can continue, if strictly necessary. An educational activity is strictly necessary if no alternative can be offered, with the result that students are delayed in their studies. In addition, prior permission must be obtained from the domain director for visits to an orange travel area. 

So is the activity strictly necessary? No, then find an alternative.
Yes, ask permission from the domain director. 

​I travel with a group in the HZ busses, how many people are allowed?

The HZ-vans can accommodate 8 to 9 people, including the driver. A mouth mask is compulsory for all passengers. The 1.5 metres does not have to be kept. If necessary, masks are available at reception.

Human Resources

What about working from home and my annual task?

HZ has asked you to work from home as much as possible. The standard annual task has not been adjusted. You can mark the hours at home as hours worked on your work and leave card. Even if you cannot (fully) work from home (for example catering employees) you can record the hours as worked on your work and leave card according to your normal work pattern.

What will happen to my travel allowance?

Although everyone is requested to work from home, it has been decided to pay out the travel allowance to employees in unchanged form. It will therefore not be adjusted.

How do I report sick?

You must continue to report being sick to your manager or the Personnel portfolio holder. Your manager will report the sickness to P&OO. In this situation it is important to know what your complaints are, so we count on you to be prepared to provide us with relevant (corona) information.

Where will my appointment with the absenteeism consultant take place?

Do you have an appointment for the consultation hour with the absenteeism consultant? Then this will not take place at the Edisonweg. The appointment will take place by telephone, because the ArboUnie location is closed.

How do I contact the Human Resources Department (P&OO)

The P&OO department also works from home. You can reach the P&OO department by email and for urgent matters call them via the regular telephone numbers.

Health complaints

I have tested positive, what now?

Have you been diagnosed with COVID-19? Contribute to a safe college of higher education:

  • Take the quarantine and precepts you are given seriously.
  • Report it to your superior as soon as possible. 
I am in quarantine, what now?

We trust that you - if necessary – put yourself in (self)quarantine according to the guidelines that apply in the Netherlands. Do you need to be quarantined due to a trip from an orange or red area, contamination with COVID-19 or a contact investigation? Please report this to your manager.