The Water Management and Civil Engineering programmes at the HZ University of Applied Sciences will offer you the possibility of working with real clients, if you want to know what are the advantages of this method keep on reading!

The projects

During your study programme you may be asked to solve a problem o conduct a research for a company external to the HZ. This will be your Project and usually you will work on it in a small group (3-5 people) for the duration of a whole block (seven weeks).
The projects will be followed by one or more of your teachers that thanks to their expertise will guide the class in the best way possible.
There will be variuous assignements with strict deadlines, this will make it easier for the group not to fall behind with the project. Moreover, every week the group will most likely have a meeting with the Project Leader (the teacher that follows you) in order to see what progresses have been made and what still needs to be done.

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Advantages of working for a Company

By working with a real company, therefore facing real problems, you'll improve your management skills and you'll learn to deliver relevant outputs on time.
You will be responsibile for your own project, meaning that you keep contact with the company and make sure to deliver a final product that meets their needs.
Having a real client will push you and your classmates to work at the best of your possibilities, giving you more chances to learn and improve yourself.
The topic of your project will most likely be related with what you are studying in the lectures, and will make the preparationt to the theoretical exams a lot easier.

Personal experience

I just finished a project for a company that produces water purification systems for industries in the agro-food business. They were facing problems with biofilm, a community of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and protists, that can grow on surfaces, and in this case clog the pipes of their systems.
Together with my group we researched for solutions as well as we analysed the quiality of their water. In the end we delivered a scientific article to the company with our suggestion on how to solve their problem.
I find this method of applying your knowledges and learning on the field for real clients highly effective for me. It enhances my project management skills and it gives me a teste of what my future job could look like.

27265645_1747844541901530_437840988_o.jpgThe group on the filed.: taking samples and Learning about the company's systems.

This is only one of the reasons why studying at the Delta Academy at the HZ University offers you opportunity to develop yourself and learn in an applied way. If you want to know more about the Delta Academy I suggest you to look more into our blog :)

Last modified on: 10-07-2024