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Willem Böttger

Lecturer Biobased Construction

Willem Böttger is a lecturer in Biobased Construction, associated with the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy, a joint venture of HZ and Avans. He is also director of innovation at bio-composites company NPSP. Willem studied Experimental Physics at the University of Amsterdam. After working as a junior at TNO, he worked as a researcher at TNO Bouw in the field of passive solar energy and in the field of fault detection of HVAC installations with neural networks. At the Building Integrated PV department at Ecofys, Willem worked as project leader of large EU projects in the field of renewable energy in the built environment. The work at Ecofys led, among other things, to two patents for products in the building sector. Subsequently, at New Energy Works and at Amsterdam Reduce CO2, he promoted projects with housing corporations in the field of sustainable energy in the built environment. He then founded the secondment company Real Energy People. In his current company, NPSP, he makes sustainable, fibre-reinforced plastics for construction, design, mobility and industry. His ambition is to be a source of inspiration for engineers and designers in the development of beautiful, everyday products made from biocomposites and to make high-tech technology available for this purpose.