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Loek van der Linde


Through a diversion from Artificial Intelligence and Linguistics at Utrecht University, Loek van der Linde graduated as a Software Engineer from the HBO-ICT programme at HZ in 2018, after which he started working as a lecturer at the same programme.
In 2022, he completed the master Software Engineering at the Open University. In the HBO-ICT programme, Loek is involved in all academic years: from taking the first steps in programming to supervising graduation. Loek is deployed in the Data Science chair because of his knowledge of software engineering and deep learning. There, he works on projects where there is a demand for data engineering of large amounts of data, after which the data is used to develop complex models.
Some of these projects are AIRTuB, which involves flying a drone to wind turbines at sea. Once there, the drone uses cameras and sensors to inspect the turbine blades for minor damage and erosion.
Another example is the field lab Autonoom Varen (Autonomous Sailing), in which a taxi boat sails completely autonomously through the port of Vlissingen. A large number of sensors and cameras collect data, on the basis of which the boat itself decides what action to take so that the passengers always arrive at their destination safely.