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Dylan de Jong


Dylan received his bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the HZ in 2018. After a graduation internship at NIOZ, he stayed in the world of seaweed and joined the Marine Biobased Specialties lectureship as a junior researcher. In his first period, he did a lot of research on seaweed sterols and how the production of these sterols is influenced by the growing environment. For the ALGOL project, he worked on the characterisation of sterols in seaweed waste streams. In addition, he worked on the chemical flavour profiling of seaweed for the Valgorize project and he was the coordinator of the FUCOS project. In this project, the pigment fucoxanthin from seaweed was applied in sustainable, bioactive cosmetics. Besides his work as a researcher, he is involved in education. He gives practical lessons to first-year chemistry students every week.