Veel Zeeuwen willen verduurzamen, maar weten soms niet hoe

Over 40 percent of residents in Zeeland with a owner-occupied home want to take additional measures to make their homes more sustainable. This is evident from a study by HZ Kenniscentrum Zeeuwse Samenleving (HZ KCZS): 'Zeeland residents and making their homes more sustainable'.

The research shows that residents of Zeeland can be divided into six groups, ranging from 'frontrunners' to 'laggards'. The knowledge center asked them about their desire to become more sustainable, whether they can do it and whether they have the opportunity. The group of "reluctant" and "laggards," who are less motivated to do so, is almost as large as the 40 percent of "frontrunners" and "willing followers. The knowledge center says that in terms of motivation, it doesn't matter what locality or neighborhood you look in. "We typically see within Zeeland neighborhoods a great diversity of residents with different rates of housing sustainability," the study reads.

Lack of proper knowledge

HZ KCZS also surveyed whether people can make their homes more sustainable. 9 percent of those surveyed could, but do not know how. They lack the right knowledge. They especially need information about insulation measures and installing solar panels and a heat pump.

The group of "laggards" often has fewer financial resources. According to the knowledge center, this group certainly also has a great need for information about subsidies and financing possibilities.

Not clear to everyone

The research also shows that the laws and regulations are not clear to everyone. People sometimes do not know what is or is not allowed. It also appears that not everyone is able to preserve their homes. Think for example of owners of a monument, people in apartment buildings or waterfront properties. Interviews conducted by the researchers show that several interviewees would like to see solutions for these kinds of exceptions.

What helps anyway is if there are many "pioneers" in a neighborhood. Their enthusiasm can help other residents and win them over.
The full survey by HZ KCZS can be read here.