In this interview series, you will get to know the people behind the JRCZ, their expertise and their vision.

A dot on the horizon

“I hope that students, lecturers and researchers will soon feel proud to be able to work at JRCZ on three important global themes: water, energy and food. In other words, research areas that closely match Zeeland’s DNA.”

Interview with project manager Adri de Buck | January 2021

The JRCZ building is not a black box

"The JRCZ appearance immediately makes clear that this is not just an office building; something completely different is happening here."

Interview with architect Ben Westenburger | March 2021

Joint Research Center Zeeland is an important piece of the puzzle in the big picture

“It sounds poetic, but at JRCZ we are working on a better world. However, it is also good for Zeeland. Other regions are watching this project with interest. They find it very interesting. In that regard, we may well let go of our modesty.”

Interview with program manager Campus Zeeland Margriet van Groeningen | July 2021