Applied research

A great deal of practical research is conducted at HZ. Questions from professional business practices are central focus points during this type of research. Issues are examined by lecturers, teacher researchers, business professionals and students. Any knowledge acquired from the research will result in new insights, which can lead to innovations and even new products for the work field.

Code of Conduct Research Integrity
The Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands conduct applied research, which is research rooted in professional practice and contributes to the improvement and innovation of that practice. In their work the researchers are held by the ‘Code of Conduct Research Integrity’, which can be found here.

Students become entrepreneurial professionals
HZ maintains a strong connection between professional practices and education as a result of HZ researching practical issues. This ensures the education is enriched with up to date knowledge from the work field. As students are the ones conducting the research, they will be able to form a good image of practices and will also build up a professional network during their studies. Plus they will also develop a researching attitude; an attitude which will result in innovation. This, in turn, will ensure students are trained to become young professionals which the professional business world is in need of!

Sustainable Dynamic Delta
HZ University of Applied Sciences has a unique location, right in the middle of a delta area where all sorts of things are happening. Issues identified by professional practices are picked up by HZ and are linked to this delta. The overarching theme is therefore 'Sustainable Dynamic Delta'. This certainly results in a great deal of variation! Including, for example, research conducted into coastal defences and coastal tourism.