Logistics Engineering


I am Ventsislav, a Bulgarian student and I study Logistics Engineering. I have chosen this programme because I have always been interested in steering things in the right direction. Logistics Engineering involves the knowledge and management of each step in the supply chain, for example: from purchasing and supply management through production and warehousing management to physical distribution of the finished products. The programme does not only focus on the supply chain management, in fact you are also going to learn how to manage the flow of people thus how to apply Logistics in big events such as festivals, concerts etc. You can choose your own specialization after the second year. What I really like is that all the lecturers have a huge background in the Logistics field therefore they can give you realistic examples and professional cases and assignments. Everything that you are about to learn here will have a practical application in your future career!

Any questions?
If you have any questions about general information, application, grants, the logistics programme, the accommodation, the student life in Vlissingen or anything else feel free to contact me!

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