International Business


Hello, I’m Nikolay and I come from Burgas, Bulgaria. I started my International Business program in September, 2018.

I chose to study in the Netherlands, because a project in my early high-school years made me admire the country. The reason for me to choose HZ was a student fair visit in 2017. I met Mitra Vaskovska, who introduced me to HZ and Vlissingen and her story hooked me.

This first meeting made me decide to visit the Open Day in November and I instantly knew that this was the place for me. I felt great in the multicultural environment and everybody’s positive attitude. And being surrounded by my flat mates from APV, other students at HZ and the teachers here I feel like I can accomplish a lot.

By studying in a foreign country I knew I was going to become more self-aware, independent and broaden my horizons. I am just so impressed how the first two months have already changed me in a good way. I can now realize that the world has no borders for me and I am yet to learn more from and with HZ, and everybody that I cross paths with.