Vitality & Tourism Management


My name is Natalia and I study Vitality and Tourism Management. My nationality is Greek, however I was born and raised in Luxembourg.  Since my first year, my course gives great importance on the practical aspect. This gives the ability to improve and get to know your self better. I also appreciated the fact that we get to experience different workshops and excursions throughout the year. Each workshop is different and you get to learn interesting information about the wellness industry. What I also really like about this university is the international environment and especially the numerous choices we have for our minors and internships. Students have the opportunity to study abroad and experience different cultures. The HZ also makes sure there is a lot of interaction between students. Therefore, I got to meet a lot of people that turned out to be my closest friends. I am very grateful for my experience at the HZ and I wish more students have the same opportunity as me.

Feel free to contact me about VMT course, the university, Vlissingen or anything else that I can provide help with!

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