International Business


I am Martina, an International Business and Languages student from Bulgaria. What I like about my program is its actuality in today’s business-driven world where knowing languages is an advantage. It offers preparation in many fields and lets you put your knowledge to good use with various projects. In the second year of the study you get to be a real entrepreneur – you set up a company with a group of students, develop a product and get some first-hand experience in having an own business. The following year you study and have an internship in countries where the languages you’ve chosen are native, to “get a feel” for the life and culture there and to expand your language skills. As for Vlissingen – it is a calm city by the North sea that blossoms as the weather warms up. Its beautiful beaches can always brighten your day and leave you wondering how ships pass so close to the shore.

Any questions?
In you have any questions about the study programme or student life here in Vlissingen, don't hesitate to contact me!

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