E: samo0001@hz.nl

Having chosen to come visit HZ University of Applied Sciences' Open Day in June 2018, made it a very easy decision that I wanted to come here. Not only did I meet new people who I am still very close with today, but the heartwarming welcome from the staff as well as a very informative and friendly meet with student ambassadors made it very easy to make the decision to come to Vlissingen to study.

Having chosen to study Chemistry I am happy that HZ has the advantage that it has many large and good quality labs, as well as, clearly very experienced and professional lecturers and teachers. I feel that I’ve always been interested in a more active life around my educational life and I see that I can really grow at HZ and be a part of some positive change.

Having just started my studies, I am not sure what path I will take in the future. Currently I thought for my internship I’d like to find something connected to plastic and for my minor I am considering doing a pre – master programme abroad.

I think that my experience in organizing events and helping prepare for them gave me the right confidence to speak in front of people and communicate my point across well. I feel that because I had such a warm welcome, I believe that I can give that to new students. I care about well-being of HZ and I’d like to be part of contribution to thriving future of it.

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