Water Management


Becoming a HZ student was the best decision I made to continue my studies. Already graduated in France in Water management, I wanted to follow courses in water ecology in an international environment to reach my dream career goal: working on marine ecology.

I am doing a two-years fast-track program. My first year focuses on the module 5 – Ecological water quality - and the module 8 – Building with Nature – from the second year of the Bachelor. Between these modules, I will be doing an internship at Waterschap Scheldestromen in the Fish department where I will learn a lot on how to create a better life environment for fish nearby dikes. Having the opportunity to do an internship is also what I found very attractive, it will give me an undeniable advantage in my future career. My second year will follow the fourth-year program of the Bachelor.

Studying Water Sciences can be difficult, there is a lot to memorize but I reckon it is simpler to understand and learn when applied to real-life situations, as it is done in HZ. We truly are a part of a team working on a real-time project and this practical oriented teaching in HZ was the main reason why I chose to enrol in Aquatic Ecotechnology. Also, getting practical experience abroad such as the field week in Lithuania I have been part of, while still studying theoretical subjects is, therefore, a great opportunity to link everything we are learning together and being successful in our studies.

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