Hey! My name is Anastasiya, I am from Greece and I am a first-year Chemistry student at HZ University of Applied Sciences. I discovered HZ online when I was looking for international universities. I found HZ interesting because the university gives us a great opportunity to study Chemistry in depth and provides us with quality research facilities.

Moreover, I really enjoy the life in Vlissingen. It is a small yet beautiful and peaceful town.  It’s also great that everything is accessible by bike and you can basically go anywhere without any problems.

In addition, HZ has small classes which makes it easier for students and teachers to interact very efficiently.

As students, we are given many opportunities at HZ like the internship that you have to follow and in general gaining the experience of studying abroad and interact with people from all kind of different nationalities. It is a really unique experience for me!

 You can contact me through email at  and ask me any questions about the Chemistry Programme, the university or life in Vlissingen. I hope to hear from you soon!