Living and working in Zeeland

Living in Zeeland
When you work for the HZ, you’re working for a Zeeland institution. As the only university of applied sciences in the province, we play a vital role in the region, a region that’s the perfect place to live and relax, surrounded by peace, space, the sea, the outdoors, and charming villages and cities. And of course you can’t forget major events like the Concert at Sea or the Zeeland Kustmarathon. Zeeland has it all. Add to that the affordable homes, friendly residents, and Zeeland’s delicious bolus pastries, and it doesn’t get much better than that.

When you walk down the Vlissingen high street, it feels like you’ve been transported to another world. Here, you can enjoy the city’s rich maritime history, relax on the beach or grab a drink on the vibrant high street. And with events like Onderstroom, Film by the Sea, and the Bevrijdingsfestival (liberation festival), you’ll truly never be bored.

Did you know that Middelburg is the 3rd monument city in the Netherlands? A stroll through Middelburg will give you a peek at the many historic buildings and a feel for the authentic ambience. And you’ll find this city has a very friendly vibe, too. The many pubs and restaurants make this a vibrant, lively place, along with events like Nacht van de Nacht and the Zeeland Nazomerfestival. There’s more than enough to see and do in Middelburg!