Working in education

Engagement and impact
Social engagement, innovation and plenty of freedom. That is what working in education is. Whatever is happening in society, it always affects us in education. And that’s what makes working in this field fascinating and important. You are responsible for training the entrepreneurial, innovative professionals that the professional practice needs. And that doesn’t just happen, it requires coaching and guidance.

Innovation and research
Through practice-focused research, we can make connections between students and industry while they’re still studying. Professors, teachers, students and professionals are all looking at the issues that are relevant today. That’s how we are able to take our industry knowledge with us into the educational community, and vice versa. That research also leads to industry innovations. Whatever the research question, our students and teachers, and the industry itself, have a strong drive to innovate. Joining these forces together is what will lead to amazing innovations in the delta area.

Switching to education
Do you work in education, health care, economics or technology and are you interested in making the switch to college education? There are plenty of options and opportunities. Your ambitions, innovations, experience and knowledge are invaluable in bringing the flexibility and quality to education and research that the outside world demands. And they’re invaluable for the students, as well. Because, at the end of the day, they’re the reason for it all.


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