Regulations and terms of employment

We believe that future-proof education and research starts with our employees. That is why, in addition to a lively and personal working environment, we offer you good primary and secondary employment conditions, such as a competitive salary, a thirteenth month and a very good leave arrangement. Attention is also paid to professionalization, internationalization and vitality.

Salary and extra benefits

As an employee, your efforts are financially rewarded. The height of your salary depends on your position and your knowledge and experience. The applicable salary scale is always stated with the vacancy. You can view the salary scales in the collective labour agreement for HBO.

In addition to your salary, you will receive an annual 8% holiday allowance and an 8.3% end-of-year bonus. This amounts to a full thirteenth month.

Travel allowance and work from home allowance

If you live more than 10 kilometers from HZ, you are eligible for a travel allowance of 0.14 per kilometre with a maximum of 75 kilometres one way.

If you do not travel, but work from home for more than 4 hours per day, you are eligible for a work-from-home allowance.


An employment contract is usually entered for a definite period of time (D4). In many cases, there is the option of extending the contract and/or converting it into a permanent position after one year, subject to proven suitability, permanent staffing capacity and sufficient (influx of) students. If you respond to a vacancy, you can inquire about this with the contact person.

In addition, there is also work for a certain period due to replacement, due to temporary expansion of the activities of a department or for a defined project. This period is then explicitly mentioned in the vacancy: the contract is automatically terminated after this specific period.


If you work at HZ, you accrue pension through the ABP.

Flexibility and Leave

At HZ it is customary to have a 40-hour working week, which means that you are entitled to an average of 428 hours of leave each year with full-time pay. Other modalities (36 or 38 hours) entitle you to 219 and 323 leave hours respectively for full-time employees.

You discuss the number of working hours, your working days and start and end times with your manager. Part-time work is also an option.

Attention to health and vitality

At HZ we consider the sustainable employability of employees to be crucial. HZ Vitality offers a range of various activities, both mentally and physically, that can help you stay healthy for as long as possible. Think of doing a health check, the vitality week and working on your vitality in the HZ Vitality centre.

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HZ offers many opportunities for developing your talents. So you can develop yourself. Would you like to follow a course, obtain a master’s or bachelor’s degree, attend a conference or do an internship? We have professionalisation hours and budget available for this.

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As you walk through the halls of our university of applied sciences, chances are you will be greeted in a language other than your own. We have about 400 international students and employees from more than 50 different countries. In addition to international influx of students, our university of applied sciences is also heavily involved in exchange projects. For example, as an HZ employee you may attend or give guest lectures at one of our partner institutes abroad.


In the case of moving to the Netherlands, settling in services is applicable in most situations.