Joint Research Center Zeeland is part of Campus Zeeland. Campus Zeeland is a collaboration of companies, knowledge and research institutions and government bodies in Zeeland. They are joining forces to make sure there is a strong connection between education and business. This should increase the innovative strength of Zeeland and ensure a future-proof economy in which young, well-educated scientists strengthen the business community.

Themes Campus Zeeland

Campus Zeeland works on three main themes: Education & Research, Knowledge & Innovation Networks and Bèta Campus. The latter gives an impulse to the necessary strengthening of technical higher and scientific research and education in Zeeland. JRCZ is connected to this theme.

Partners construction

The following partners made the construction of the research institute in Zeeland possible:

Ministry of Economic Affairs
Municipality of Middelburg
Province of Zeeland
University College Roosevelt (UCR)
HZ University of Applied Sciences (HZ)

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