In our FAQ you will find the most important information on the impact of the war in Ukraine. We also post regular news updates. If necessary, you will receive messages by e-mail as a student or staff member.

Do you need help? Do not hesitate and contact us. Below you will find the various contact persons for your personal situation.

Questions or worries

If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to support you. You can contact:

International Office

Are you an international student and do you have any questions? Please contact the International Office.

For internship, Astrid Umbgrove, mail or call 0118-489747
For study, Johanetta van den Broek, mail or call 0118-48911

Emergency fund

As a student, would you like to make a claim on the HZ Emergency Fund? You can submit an application for the emergency fund to your counsellor. You can also contact your counsellor if you have any questions. The terms and conditions can be found online.

Useful websites

Study in Holland
This website is from Nuffic and a source of information for Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian students who use or want to use Higher Education in the Netherlands.

RefugeeHelp is a website for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands and anyone who wants to help them. It is a platform initiated by various organisations (government, companies, social organisations and individuals).