If you have any questions about your personal situation, please do not hestitate and contact us.

Who to contact if you have the cold

Do you have health issues?

  • Stay at home and inform your study programme coordinator or manager.
  • If the symptoms worsen, contact your doctor by telephone.
  • Also immediately inform your study programme coordinator or manager if you suspect you are infected with the coronavirus.
  • Are you an international student? Then please also inform International Office, by e-mail:

I am an international student and I need a doctor, what to do?

Who to contact about my study or intern abroad?
  • For internships, Astrid Umbgrove, mail or call (+31) (0) 118-489747
  • For study abroad, Johanetta van den Broek, mail or call (+31) (0) 118-489118
  • General:
Who to contact for more information?

If you have more questions, please send an e-mail tot