Visiting address
HZ University of Applied Sciences
Edisonweg 4 4382 NW Vlissingen

Postal address
Zip box 364
4380 AJ Vlissingen

Location Boulevard Bankert
Boulevard Bankert 154
4382 AC Vlissingen

Contact details
tel. +31118 - 489000
fax. +31118 - 489200
e-mail: study@hz.nl

Here you can find the contact details of all our service departments and study programmes.

Opening hours
During lecture weeks the Vlissingen location is open:

  • Mondays-Wednesday from 8:00am to 10:00pm
  • Thursday - Fridays from 8:00am to 6:00pm

During the holidays the opening hours may be different.   

Parking, public transport & directions  
Here you can find the parking possibilities at and directions to the Vlissingen location. The building can easily be reached by own transport and by public transport.  

Public transport & directions

There is a direct train connection from the main airport Schiphol, Amsterdam. There are also train connections from other airports such as Brussels, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Paris. HZ lies within walking distance from the Vlissingen railway station. The bus from the station stops in front of the university. Check the website of the national railway services for up to date travel information and train tickets. You can buy tickets at the NS self-service ticket machine (available at every railway station). You can pay with your credit card, if you have a VISA or a Mastercard. Take a look at the NS-website to buy your tickets online.

Attention: make sure you get in one of the wagons at the beginning of the train, only they will take you to Vlissingen (it also says so in and on the wagon, otherwise ask a member of the staff in the train). 

Public transport airport

HZ is within walking distance from the Station, the bus stops in front of the school and there is also a shuttle bus. Check the detailed information about the public transport from the airports Brussels, Charleroi, Amsterdam, Eindhoven or Rotterdam.

Plan your route
From Bergen op Zoom, follow the A58 until the very end. Turn left at the traffic lights, then immediately go right follow the sign Station. Cross the railway and then follow the road (Oude Veerhavenweg). The entrance to the HZ car park is on the right. There is ample parking space. Plan your route by car (Google Maps)



Around HZ and near the Smart Services Boulevard building on the Prins Hendrikweg (opposite the main entrance of the main HZ location on the Edisonweg) parking places are available. Please note: there is a parking ban in the area between Edisonweg, Oude Veerhavenweg and Prins Hendrikweg. Only park your car in the designated parking spaces.  

About this location
At the Vlissingen location, all the study programmes in the fields of Economics & Management, Education & Pedagogy and Care & Welfare can be found. Also the study programmes of the Ruyter Academy, Maritime Officer and Logistics Engineering and the study programmes Chemistry and Engineering can be found here.  

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