I’m Victoria, I’m from Brazil and a first year Chemistry student at HZ. As soon as I finished high school, I knew I wanted to study what I love somewhere abroad. I’m so glad I chose a university like HZ in a city like Vlissingen. I chose to study at this amazing university due to the way they organise enrollment and how they balance the classes between theoretical and practical.

Ever since I started, I find myself liking chemistry even more, thanks to the amazing teachers and HZ facilities (e.g. Lab). Another great thing about HZ is that later on in your studies you choose a minor and an internship where you have a variety of places to study. Those are wonderful opportunities that will broaden my horizon.


The student life in Vlissingen is pretty nice, it’s a small city so everything is accessible, and you can easily cycle everywhere. During my first days here I met a lot of diverse international people, whom I now consider my closest friends and every weekend there is a party!