International Business & Languages


My name is Veronika, I am an International Business & Languages student from Slovakia. The HZ is practically oriented, which means, for instance, that during the first semester we get to work on a marketing report for a real company. The second semester of the first year is dedicated to writing the business plan under the professional supervision, what gives me the confidence, develops my skills and moreover shapes my way of thinking into a critical direction. Concerning  languages, you need to be passionate and personally motivated, because in order to master a language high level of personal on-set and self-study is required. However, the professors are doing a great job in leading us and the minor and internships abroad make sure you will understand the business terms and nuances of a foreign languages and also be able to communicate and express far more than just a basic "How are you” conversation. 

Additionally, I am gaining  much more than just the knowledge. Living in a small international community, where you cook dinners for each other, go on trips together, support each other and enjoy the life, is an unforgettable experience. Being a student and living on your own is not  easy nor smooth, but with a good people around, you can manage every obstacle. That’s why I appreciate friendly, open and cosy atmosphere at the university.

Any questions?
If you have any questions about the student life, studying in The Netherlands or International Business & Languages, feel free to contact me.