International Business


My name is Svetlana, I am from Bulgaria and I study International Business, with a focus on languages.

To start with, the programme offers a diversity of subjects (business, languages, tourism), which really broadens my horizon. The environment at HZ is friendly and hospitable, since this is the place where students really matter. Moreover, the study is practically oriented, so we have a lot of projects, so we apply our knowledge.

In the second year, we have to set up a student company. This way, we gain work experience. In the third year we do our internship in the country of which we are studying the language. This allows us to better understand the culture and to practice our language skills with native speakers! Of course, we can also practice foreign languages with HZ students, since there are a lot of different nationalities. Just with my classmates, I can speak Spanish, French or Dutch, and I also befriend people from China, India, or Denmark! I can always share my own Bulgarian culture and traditions with other students and find out just how small the world is!

Vlissingen is a medium-sized and calm city. It is a really beautiful place with nice beaches and typical architecture. The province is located in the south of the Netherlands and Zeeland is the Dutch province with the highest amount of sunny days per year! So, we can enjoy a walk in the sunshine or study by the seaside. Do not miss this opportunity! I will be happy to answer all your questions about the International Business programme, or about the practical matters such as accommodation, transport, costs. Do not hesitate to contact me!