Industrial Engineering & Management


My name is Stefan and I am from Bulgaria. Currently I am studying Industrial Engineering & Management at the HZ. The decision I made for coming to this university happened by chance and funnily enough what attracted me at first was the logo of the university but in the end it turned out to be one of my best decisions so far! What really appeals to me is the calmness and quietness of the region, combined with the fresh air coming from the sea. However, it is not only the nature that keeps me here – it is the education. I was pleasantly surprised that the promised was actually true – the classes are pretty small which makes the communication easier and the atmosphere nicer. We currently have two days of company stay every week, which actually allows you to not only feel less pressure from the university but it also shows you your future work environment. Everything about the university and the study program is well explained, but in case that there is some misunderstanding the staff is always there to assist you! Moving to a different country for your studies is one of the largest and most important steps you can make at that age – it not only determines your future career but it also teaches you lessons about life on your own that no one could ever teach you.