Tourism Management


My name is Ros-Mari and I am from Bulgaria. I am following the Tourism Management course at HZ. When I came here I did not expect that at the end of the first year I would be able to write a business plan and to read and work with specific financial graphs and tables. The university and this course aim to prepare students for real-life situations and that’s why HZ gives you the chance to put your knowledge into practice during the lectures. If you set yourself aims that you want to achieve during the academic year and plan it carefully, you could do everything. 

Living in Vlissingen is better than living in the big city, because you can concentrate on lectures, exams and at your study in general. Students prefer Vlissingen because reaching every part of it is faster and easier, you can find peace and quiet and cheaper products, and these are just a few benefits of Vlissingen. Life next to the sea gives you opportunity to dream more and to rest your mind. After refreshing your mind, you can continue with your homework and projects more efficiently than before going to the beach.

If you have any further questions about the study, the life in Vlissingen, transportation or life-hacks do not hesitate to contact me. I will always find time to meet up with you and help with everything.