International Business & Languages


My name is Petra, I am an International Business & Languages (IBL) student from Slovakia. IBL is a study programme where languages, cultures, economics and tourism all come together. What I like about this course is that it offers students an opportunity to learn at least two foreign languages, besides English, as well as the fact that students constantly get the chance to develop themselves as individuals. In the second year, IBL students put their knowledge of running a business into a practice – they set up their own student company where creativity and originality are necessary. Third year students also do their internships and their minor in the countries where they can practice the language they chose for their studies, but also learn more about and experience the lifestyle and different cultures.

I chose HZ due to its international approach. International students from all over the world study at HZ, which makes the student life enriching in every possible way (socializing with people from different cultures, accepting different ways of thinking and handling situations). After several months of living in international environment, I have come to realization that even though there are a lot of differences between countries and cultures, more similarities are found if we just try and stay open-minded to others. This makes HZ multicultural place with family-like atmosphere where every person counts.