My name is Petar. I study Chemistry at HZ university of applied sciences Vlissingen.

While I was looking for a university to study at, HZ caught my eye because it is one of the best universities of applied sciences. Moreover, the town is really beautiful and calm with a beautiful beach.

I have only been studying here for around a month but I already love this place. The program that I take is really nice and fun. Teachers are nice and friendly people that help you with what you are having troubles to understand. What is more about the program is that we have a lot of practical work. Every week we have practice in the labs, in fact at the end of introduction week we were given practice in the laboratory which was to make our own beer. This practice does not account for your final mark so it is only for to have some fun and to make some beer. After the beer is ready there is competition with the other groups. Before making our beer we visited brewery and there they  show us how things are happening in practice and after that we had dinner with teachers.

My future plans for after I earn my bachelor degree at HZ is to graduate master and to go back in Bulgaria and perhaps to be a teacher there.