Water Management


When I was planning where I wanted to study after high school, I began to have doubts about the quality of the Latvian university’s education system. The thought of studying abroad began to flourish in my heart. When I found out that my friend wanted to study at HZ, I researched the school's website and the study programs they offered. I saw the Water Management and it matched my interests and skills. I was so excited about that I decided to make the leap!

In Vlissingen, I have met students from all over the world, it is a great experience and I experience only positive emotions. Living with these students on the campus we often meet up and we discover each other's personality and culture. The campus is brilliant. It feels like home and I am satisfied with everything. I am happy with the personal relationships and the support from APV team. Also, APV (and a lot of student associations) often organise a parties and events. Attending them I feel free and can forget about school homework for a while.

I have a lot of work to do for school but it is easy for me because I enjoy what I’m doing. I like what I learn and the university system is really good. We are doing a lot of practical work – doing projects and making interviews, practice in laboratory and fieldwork.

I now know I will be continuously developing myself in the future. I think I will travel a lot, exploring different water issues all over the world. So, I want to create a world-wide network with partners. Using my personality, skills, knowledge and experience I will work with different projects at analyzing water issues.