International Business

E: krac0001@hz.nl

My name is Mihaela, I am from Bulgaria and currently study International Business at HZ specialising in Languages. This program turned out to be the perfect match with my personality because I have always been keen on learning new languages. In this business-driven world nowadays, a big advantage is the knowledge of different languages. Furthermore, I would like to highlight that the university has a lot of partners on almost every continents, so we have plenty of options to do our minor at places such as Canada, Singapore, China (the list is pretty big). I highly appreciate this concept because it provides us with the opportunity to be in touch with those cultures all over the world and gain much more experience both on cultural and working level.

In conclusion, I would say that anyone who is interested in the business field is more than welcome at HZ. From what I have experienced, I reassure myself every day that this is the perfect place for me and all people keen on developing their language and entrepreneurial skills.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me