My name is Laura and I am a first year Chemistry student at the HZ. I am originally from Republic of Moldova, the city of Chisinau. I knew from the start that the Netherlands was the place where I wanted to continue my higher education. This decison was influenced by the good reviews of the Dutch educational system and the variety of programmes offered in English.

I have chosen to come to HZ in Vlissingen because I was attracted by the idea of studying in a small city, at a university where a friendly approach was prefered to a distant one. A good example of that was the first block of the Chemistry programme. We visited a real brewery and later produced our own beer with our study group.  In the end, we even had the chance to present our final product to the whole Chemistry department. What makes HZ stand out is its amiable atmosphere. I have felt at home here since the very first moments, and mainly because of the nice people at the campus. An extraordinary experience was the introduction week, which helped me befriend people without whom I cannot imagine my life now.

Based on my current experience, what I am looking forward to is my specialization in year 3 and my internship. I would love to pursue the life sciences major and become an intern at Bayer, in the department of pharmaceuticals.

Although it was not easy to leave behind my whole life back at home, the people I found here helped me enormously. In a short period of time I have adapted to a new environment, to studying in English, thus now I feel like HZ is trully the place for me.