International Business


Since elementary school, I have always wanted to go and study abroad. My passion for the field of business grew more and more during the final year at secondary school, when I decided to apply for Business academy and it was the best decision I could have made. Since it was my dream to study abroad, I first applied for a Danish university which was my main goal. Unfortunately, I got on a waiting list there and as I grew impatient at the end of July 2017, I decided to apply to different universities in England and the Netherlands. In the end I got accepted on every university so I had a big decision to make. I knew my first goal was Denmark, but my heart was telling me that choosing HZ would be a decision I would never regret, since level of education is really high and even the feeling from communication through emails was already very friendly and welcoming.  

And indeed it was the best choice I could have picked. I got everything what I was hoping for. Practical approach, which was essential in deciding what universities I would apply for, because in my country it was always theory-oriented and I wasn’t very good in that. I have always preferred practical application. Also, interesting classes, useful lectures, friendly teachers, amazing environment and the beauty of the country is just stunning. The overwhelming support from teachers was something what I would never expect since teachers in my country are quite strict and wouldn’t care much. The international environment also helped me grow as a person. I became less shy, more outgoing, got to know new cultures and expanding my network around the world.


Another aspect of the practical approach that I found very important when applying to HZ are the mandatory internships and minors. Since I am 2nd year student, I am still deciding where to go or what minor I want to focus on, but I already know it will be an unforgettable experience I cannot wait to begin.