Industrial Engineering & Management

E: pole0010@hz.nl

My name is Kostya and I'm from Kazakhstan. I`m studying Industrial Engineering & Management at HZ.  I enjoy studying this course and studying at HZ. IE&M gives me opportunities to apply my knowledge in different projects because the university is oriented on practical knowledge, so students will understand how to use information that they learned in real life. For me it was surprising and inspiring to do my first project in a real company. I saw how an industrial company deals with problems, how they manage their work and how production processes are organised.

While living in the Netherlands, I have met many different people from different countries. You begin to think about the world from different perspectives and I`m grateful to HZ for this.  

If you are thinking about choosing a university of applied sciences, choose HZ! You will have no regrets about this decision! If you have any questions about accommodation, what living in Vlissingen is like, about the study programme or other questions, feel free to ask me!