International Business & Management Studies

E: bust0008@hz.nl

My name is Javier, I come from Pamplona, Spain and I’m studying International Business & Management Studies at HZ University of Applied Sciences. I choose to study at HZ because of the great possibilities it offers. I found studying in a practical way, better than the theory one that is common in Spain. I think that studying abroad is a great opportunity to open your comfort zone. Moving to another country, away from your parents and friends, might seem scary, but it’s a incredible and  new experience, where you will make new friends, try new things, visit new countries, and learn a lot of new stuff.  So there is no reason to be scared.

Studying at HZ is a great experience, where you will live in an international environment, make friends from every country, and learn Dutch.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and ask, I´ll be happy to answer them.