E: tart0002@hz.nl

My name is Iulia, I am a chemistry student from Romania. I came to HZ to study Chemistry because I like the practical aspect and it is not all about theory. I can practice the experiments after the theoretical part and that is really fun and useful. We learn a lot of new things about equipment that we are going to use and substances and this practical part for me is the best. I also came here because I like the international aspect of university and I really like the country.

Since HZ has a lot of international students you will not have any problem socially. You will make friends really easy, everybody is nice to you and also helps you with anything you may need. Vlissingen is a small, beautiful, quiet town and have the most beautiful beach where you can sit, relax or even study.

If you have any questions about the study programme, accommodation, what you need to do when you arrive in town and life in Vllissingen, don’t hesitate to contact me!