Hello! My name is Irina, I am from Romania and I am a first year chemistry student.

I choose to study in the Netherlands because I wanted to do my studies abroad and gain a life changing experience. I choose HZ because it is a university of applied sciences, meaning that I will receive a lot of practical knowledge.

I like it that HZ is not a very big university, thus the classes are small and the teachers usually have a friendly approach to students so we do not get intimidated and scared that we will fail. In fact, they really support us and encourage us to learn from our mistakes.

I met really nice persons here. It is a very international environment. There are parties at the campus, study sessions at school and a lot more. The beach is also a really nice place to go when you want to relax a bit or just calm your nerves before an exam.

From our third year we will have to do an internship at a company and a minor abroad.  I cannot wait for those, it will be another chance to learn something new and also apply what we have learned in two years.

That being said, I really love this environment and I feel I can grow and gain a lot of knowledge with the help of HZ.