Industrial Engineering and Management

E: alon0001@hz.nl

My name is Fuai and I’m from Pamplona, Spain. I’m studying Industrial Engineering & Management at HZ University of Applied Sciences. Unlike my home university, HZ has a more practical approach to the process of learning. It gives you great opportunities such as working in a company, which provides an insight of the real life before actually stepping out in it. Coming here to Vlissingen was a decision made by chance, but one I would never change even if I could. Living in a foreign country gives the opportunity to get to know the world and yourself from a different perspective, and for sure Holland and HZ will make you get the best out of it. Plus, you get to experience it all from an international environment full of people from many other different countries. If you have it, take the shot of studying at HZ, you will have no regrets! If you would like to know more about the program, the life in Vlissingen or in the Netherlands, or just any other question, feel free to ask.