International Business

E: feta0001@hz.nl

Hello, I am Fatme, an International Business student from Bulgaria.


Finding what you like in life and doing it with dedication and love is my life motto. Choosing to live abroad and study International Business was the thing I decided to do. Now, I want to help others also find their place and the thing they would really enjoy studying.


If you define studying as working on projects, practicing your theoretical knowledge, working in international groups of students in a university with a personal approach to every student, then HZ is the right university for you! If you want to get professional knowledge in marketing, economics, finance, accounting, business law and management and achieve better understanding of the business world all around the world, then International Business is your programme! If you want to know more about the student life at HZ, Vlissingen, the study programmes or any other additional information regarding your studies, then I am the right person to contact! Don’t hesitate to drop me a message at feta0001@hz.nl