I am Cătălina, I come from Moldova and I am studying Chemistry at HZ University of Applied Sciences.  

It is a common thing for the students in my country to choose to continue their studies abroad, and the Netherlands is one of the most popular destination. I chose the Netherlands, and especially Vlissingen, because of the international environment it provides students. For me, it was very important to meet new people, get more experience and create networks with people from all over the world, but at the same time I wanted a small city, a quiet one, rather than the crowded big ones. Vlissingen is the perfect city for this.

HZ is the best place for a student to develop and study what he or she likes the most. For me, Chemistry was a surprise, because I applied to a different programme first (Water Management), and then I realised that Chemistry might be a better option for me. In fact, the HZ Student Office helped me a lot in taking this important decision, and that shows how student-friendly the staff at the university is. 

The Chemistry programme is a very well-structured one, offering a lot of information. My favourite part is the labs that we have twice a week, which offer you the opportunity to apply what you have learned in the theoretical lectures, which is very useful. 

But, as a student, you don’t only study, but also have a lot of fun. In Vlissingen, you get the opportunity to live the first year on the campus. That is what I chose to do, and it was the best decision. I got to know so many amazing people, from so many different countries and with so many experiences to share. Also, the beach is the best thing about the city, because it is a place where you can go for meditation and relaxing as well as a nice place for parties and socializing. By the way, parties, student associations, excursions, events, festivals are always on the schedule of a HZ student. 

In the future, I want to do a minor or an intership abroad, because I really enjoy travelling and visiting new places. You get this oportunity with HZ as well. So, do not hesitate but apply.  HZ is the place where you can be the best version of yourself!