International Business & Management Studies


My name is Bogdan Badea, I am a Romanian student at HZ University of Applied Sciences and I am studying International Business & Management Studies (IBMS). I chose to study in The Netherlands mainly for the diversity offered by the Dutch Educational System, for example at HZ you can choose between numerous study programs.

I decided to start this study programme because since I was in high school I wanted to become a successful Business man, and I personally think that IBMS offers me the right knowledge to fulfil my expectations. Also a very important fact is represented by the presence of the practical side. Like doing a study case that implies going to an actual company , being able to make your own company and also being able to work in a real company. Those are relevant factors if you want to become financial independent in the future.

On the other hand student life isn’t just about study, here in Vlissingen we have a great community of students with great activities that you can join, like HZ Sports or students parties. Here in this wonderful city you will make friends for a life time. 

Any questions?
If you have any questions about the student life, studying in The Netherlands or International Business & Management Studies, feel free to contact me.