International Business


Hi, my name is Barbara, I come from France and I am studying International Business. In my last year of high school I had no idea of what I was going to do after and therefore I thought that studying in another country would be a great way to broaden my horizons, be fluent in English and discover new international cultures.

Now in my first year at HZ, I have already had the opportunity to visit international companies, which is very helpful to have a better idea of what our future job could look like.

But being in Vlissingen at this university is not only about studying, actually for me the most important thing is sharing moments with new international friends. I feel very lucky that I met my new international family in the campus, where we all live together. Don’t worry you will never feel alone here. Of course, at first, we needed to get used to living away from home but we all share the same situation so meeting people is very easy and the introduction week was a really nice opportunity for me to connect with new people.

Now, I can’t wait to visit new places and go abroad for my minor and internship. I am still not sure about where I would like to go, but Canada, South America and Singapore seem like interesting options...