International Business


I am a Latvian student studying International Business in HZ. If you are interested in business field I strongly suggest you to choose International Business course in HZ, because not only you will get to know the theoretical side of business field (management, accounting, research, business English, etc.), which of course is really important, but also get to apply your knowledge in a practical way (for example by making a real life company scan) and also get to see how it works in practice by going to companies (multiple excursions in first and second year). You will have a possibility to know the people behind the field by listening to presentations and interviewing the workers as a part of the course. In addition to that, you will definitely feel the international side of this course, because of possibilities to go abroad and meet with people from all around the world. Moreover, HZ is an amazing choice for university, because of the friendly and helpful environment and experienced and educated lecturers as well as the individualistic approach towards every student make it into such a great learning experience, where people will always help you if you need to.

I couldn’t be happier about the choice that I made by applying to HZ and I want to encourage You to join the HZ community, so if you have any questions regarding International Business or any other course, as well as questions about student life in Vlissingen, don’t hesitate to contact me!