Industrial Engineering and Management


My name is Andrejs, I am from Latvia and next to English I speak Latvian and Russian. I am studying Industrial Engineering and Management at HZ.

My choice to study at HZ was based on three main aspects:

  • Cost of living,
  • Study programme,
  • English environment in Europe.

The IE&M programme offers me great future opportunities. In these four years I gain a lot of practical experience - changing stereotypes about real-life job opportunities, studying and living abroad. Vlissingen is inexpensive in terms of renting price compared to other larger cities. The Netherlands is known for its English speaking citizens.

I have been studying for one semester now, I spent two days a week going to the company Ontop Metaloterm, while other classmates are doing assignments in the second largest potato manufacturer in the world and others are involved in building offshore oilfield platforms.

Personally the most amazing part is that I am able to independently support myself financially. I saved money for the tuition fees for the first year and the rest of my living costs I earn working in a part time job. My main fear was lack of money, whereas being a student ambassador and helping at Open Days gives me a view of the real potential possible when you come here and the way I will be able to fulfil my career goals.

The rest of my worries were easy to solve: housing with APV, sports and engagement with other students are fantastic. I just feel that someone was waiting for me here. 😊

I have overcome my initial ideas of expensive living costs and fear of being alone, thanks to my fellow student ambassadors. I really want to share my experience and continue to positively contribute to these great opportunities.