Logistic Engineering


Logistics is a major that has interested me for several years. From the first years of school I enjoyed math. Analyzing data, working on different kinds of statistics, as well as looking for problems and solving them was a great pleasure for me. The technical subjects became one of my interests quickly.

My practical skills have been enhanced by courses chosen within the International Baccalaureate program. In order to be well prepared to encounter some technical major, I took many higher level classes which strengthened my interests. These gave me a good background as well as improved my communication skills, which are essential for work in logistics area. 

Searching for the right university in which I could continue unfolding my interest, took a lot of research. I have applied for universities in Sweden and the United States however I thought that the practical approach in Universities of Applied Sciences in Netherlands would be the best fit for me. After I narrowed down my focal point to this country, I visited few universities here. None of them, had such an international environment as the HZ. Since, I moved around a lot before, I wanted to stay surrounded by people from variety of countries and continue my education in English. HZ allows students to do that and facilitates their adaptation in new place which will definitely be an advantage for my future career.