What is possible in a delta? How can we safely live there? Can tourism be developed there? How can we be sure of sufficient fresh water? 

The Bachelor Programme of Delta Management 

The Bachelor Programme of Delta Management focusses on these isssues.

Water, climate, ecology, environmental planning, legislation and regulations, economic insights communication and process management form part of this educational programme.


Delta Management is a broad Bachelor programme. The focus of the lectures is, among others, on water, climate, ecology, environmental planning, legislation and regulations, economic insights, communications and process management. Next to that, you regularly carry out projects together with students from other Bachelor programmes, such as Civil Engineering, Aquatic Ecotechnology, Communications and an economic programme.

Delta Management introduces you to delta areas from an international perspective. The differences and many similarities of the various delta areas are examined, among others, in the Yangtze, the Mekong, the Mississippi, the Rhine/Scheldt.

We cooperate with universities of applied sciences and academic universities in the above-mentioned areas so you can spend time aboard during your studies and carry out projects together with foreign students. It goes without saying, that you can also do your work placement abroad, which will be an unforgettable experience!​


This way, you are trained as a professional capable of looking beyond the borders of the technical field of work. As a result, you will easily find a job after graduation because there is a great demand for graduates with knowledge of delta development and coastal environment.